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Image of Evo Alfas Maximum 9005 Intense White Headlight Halogen Bulb (Pair)

Evo Alfas Maximum 9005 Intense White Headlight Halogen Bulb (Pair)

Best approximation to a full HID Xenon lighting system Can be installed on any vehicle without modifications complications or the excessive costs of an HID system Emits a pure white light that is rated at 5500K standard headlight bulbs emit a yellow light between 2700K - 3300K Emit between 2100 lm - 2300 lm of light standard bulbs emit between 1000 lm - 1100 lm Unique combination of gases Special tungsten filament that is made in Finland Constructed using quartz and heat resistant 14 gauge wires Ceramic socket helps isolate heat so there is no risk the bulb damaging your vehicle Operate using a 12 volt power supply and consumes about 85 watts of power Simply remove your existing bulb and install the bulb Light Comparison:

Price: $21.95 from AutoBarn.com

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