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Image of Grit Guard Wash Bucket Insert

Grit Guard Wash Bucket Insert

"Scratches and swirls on the surface of a vehicle are a result of improper car washing. The dirt and grit from the vehicles surface are trapped in the mitts and brushes that are used for washing and they are subsequently rubbed back into the paint. Dont...

Image of Grit Guard Wash Bucket Seat Cushion

Grit Guard Wash Bucket Seat Cushion

"12"" Bucket Seat Cushion Intended to top 5 gallon buckets with a lid Dense foam cushion Provides you with a place to sit while washing your car Can also use as a kneeling pad while doing car maintenance or work around the house...

Image of Universal Buffing & Polishing Pad Washer

Universal Buffing & Polishing Pad Washer

One of the biggest problems with buffing pads today lies in their backing pad and its likeliness to tear off of the pad. The major cause of this failure is from hand washing your buffing pads. When you hand wash pads the backing pad gets wet and over...

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