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Image of Fifty Shades- All Mine

Fifty Shades- All Mine

Relive Christian Grey and Ana Steele's erotic exploration in the flesh and enjoy the intensified pleasure that comes with submission. Place the satin blindfold over your lover's eyes and tie the ends tightly,adjusting the nose bridge for total blackout....

Image of Fifty Shades- Charlie Tango

Fifty Shades- Charlie Tango

Pleasure,passion and erotic fulfilment are at your fingertips in the hands of this powerful vibrator. Classic vibe suitable for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation,making it a must-have for any Fifty Shades fan. Relive Ana and Christian's steamy vibrator...

Image of Fifty Shades- No Peeking

Fifty Shades- No Peeking

Experience the eroticism of being completely lost in sensation with this pair of satin blindfolds. With one for both lovers,it is possible to share a sensory experience or take turns indulging one another with new tricks and toys. Made from silky satin...

Image of Fifty Shades- Please Sir

Fifty Shades- Please Sir

A vision in black and metallic silver,this faux leather flogger whip stands out against traditional bondage gear as an exquisite tool of sadism. Delivering teasing strokes and sharp licks,this whip intensifies passions and indulges submissive fantasies....

Image of Fifty Shades- Something Forbidden

Fifty Shades- Something Forbidden

Sensual exploration of unchartered erogenous zones starts with this petite silicone butt plug. Sized especially for beginners,the soft plug slips inside to awaken new pleasure zones and enhance sexual satisfaction. Firm-yet-flexible to ensure comfortable...

Image of Fifty Shades- The Pinch

Fifty Shades- The Pinch

Revel in the middle ground between pleasure and pain as you lose yourself to the slowly-intensifying sensations of these weighted nipple clamps. Adjustable pressure grips during wear to escalate sensitivity until you beg for erotic release. Firm-but-gentle,these...

Image of Fifty Shades- We Aim to Please

Fifty Shades- We Aim to Please

Sleek and slender. Clitoral vibrator that intensifies solo pleasure and enhances foreplay. Slip the petite bullet vibe between you and your lover to escalate shared pleasure during lovemaking. Small and discreet but incredibly powerful,this bullet vibe...

Image of Fifty Shades- Yours and Mine

Fifty Shades- Yours and Mine

Shared pleasure and intensified stimulation for both comes in the form of this silicone vibrating ring. Ring grips him to enhance his erection while she loses herself to the sensational vibrations. Clitoral stimulation is improved by the top-mounted stimulator...

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