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Image of CTA 14MM Spark Plug Repair Kit

CTA 14MM Spark Plug Repair Kit

The CTA 14MM Spark Plug Repair Kit is designed exclusively to repair 14mm tapered seat and and gasketed...

Image of CTA Gasket Scraper

CTA Gasket Scraper

- All purpose heavy-duty scraper removes shellacked gaskets paint grease and carbon - Forged alloy steel...

Image of Dual Overhead Cam Lock Tool

Dual Overhead Cam Lock Tool

Locks Camshaft Sprockets in Place During Belt / Chain Replacement. This versatile tool easily locks and...

Image of Ignition Modulator Wrench

Ignition Modulator Wrench

The Ignition Modulator Wrench is for 7/32 hex retaining bolts on Ford Ignition Modules. May be used with...

Image of Lisle Ford 3 Valve Broken Spark Plug Remover Kit

Lisle Ford 3 Valve Broken Spark Plug Remover Kit

Removes broken spark plugs from 2004 and newer Triton 3 valve per cylinder engines Includes a unique...

Image of Lisle Limited Access Spark Plug Chaser

Lisle Limited Access Spark Plug Chaser

Narrow profile and long length allows access tospark plug holes in confined spaces Use with a...

Image of Lisle Stone-Type Glaze Breaker

Lisle Stone-Type Glaze Breaker

Full 2 to 7 Range 50.8 - 177.8mm. Controlled pressure assures positive adjustable contact through...

Image of Lisle Thermostat Gasket Cleaner

Lisle Thermostat Gasket Cleaner

Cleans All Hard To Reach Gasket Surfaces. Use with a die grinder to quickly clean gasket surfaces on...

Image of Lisle Universal Cam Adjuster

Lisle Universal Cam Adjuster

Adjusts to Fit Different Sized Cam Sprockets. This adjustable tool is designed to both hold and turn...

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