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Image of Scotch Duct tape

Scotch Duct tape

Provides maximum all-weather strength without the messy cleanup--6 months no mess! This item is available in a 2 x 2 x 3 perforated tray containing 12 individually wrapped 1.88 in. x 20 Yd. rolls.

Image of Scotch Exterior painters tape

Scotch Exterior painters tape

This painter's tape holds up in challenging outdoor conditions such as sun, wind, humidity and rain. It will adhere firmly, yet remove cleanly up to 7 days. The unique waterproof backing allows the tape to easily tear by hand, and ensures a straight tear....

Image of Scotch 233 Automotive Masking Tape (48Mm X 55M)

Scotch 233 Automotive Masking Tape (48Mm X 55M)

3M Performance Automotive Masking Tape 233+ Unique green crepe paper backing Highly conformable for use on all complex contours of a vehicle Specially formulated adhesive provides the sharpest paint line Works on a variety of...

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