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Image of MSD Shrink sleeving spark plug wire cover with numbers

MSD Shrink sleeving spark plug wire cover with numbers

This sleeving simply slides over the spark plug boot or other connection and will shrink tightly around it for a secure connection. Best of all, these sleeves have the cylinder numbers on them so each wire is clearly marked preventing any confusion during...

Image of CTA Wire spark plug gauge

CTA Wire spark plug gauge

9 Wire Spark Plug Gap Gauge accurately measures spark plug gaps wire: 9 sizes: .025, .030, .035, .040, .044, .045, .050, .055, .060 In.

Image of MSD 8.5 mm. spark plug wire marker

MSD 8.5 mm. spark plug wire marker

These great little markers will save you time and ensure that the plug wires are always in the right place. They will withstand high under hood temperatures and are available in two sizes. The markers are also supplied on a trick tool that makes installation...

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