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Image of Big Mutha Truckers GBA

Big Mutha Truckers GBA

Shoot your way through six intense levels - from the Space Garbage Dump to Dual SpaceBattle against hordes of enemies with ultra-high-tech weapons like Round Force, Shadow Force, and Cyclone ForceExcellent level design with outstanding special effects...

Image of Gauntlet and Rampart Dual Pack for Gameboy Advance

Gauntlet and Rampart Dual Pack for Gameboy Advance

Gauntlet and Rampart Dual Pack for Gameboy Advance

Image of Monopoly GBA

Monopoly GBA

Monopoly for your Game Boy Advance is a great way to enjoy the thrills of controlling the businesses of an entire town - and maintaining it against your competition! Buy streets, put up houses and hotels, control the railroads and utilities and create...

Image of Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed GBA

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed GBA

You've got all kinds of great Porsches to choose from - the best and fastest roadsters aroundHit the track for incredible circuit-racing action, or get out on the streets for more dangerous funAvoid the traffic and police cars as you speed by at 180MPHFind...

Image of Pac-Man Pinball GBA

Pac-Man Pinball GBA

Dodge the relentless Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde while retrieving the kidnapped residents of Pac-WorldAccumulate dots and power pellets for points and upgradesCrazy multiball play with help from Ms. Pac ManMini games for non-stop action

Image of Sim City 2000 GBA

Sim City 2000 GBA

Face the type of decisions the mayor of a big city faces - from where to lay roads to how to bring in new citizensSet up houses, public transportation, develop commerceExperience the painful setbacks of natural disasters and alien invasion - conquer these...

Image of Snood 2: On Vacation GBA

Snood 2: On Vacation GBA

Face off against 8 cool cartoony boxers, each with their own moves and storiesUse your power-combos and reflexes to beat everything from African tribesmen to raver girls to demons in the ringGreat graphics and fun boxing matches for one or two players

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